Homemade Desserts at Manhattan’s in Carol Stream

Sindy Roger’s signature is “homemade.”   The same holds true to the desserts at Manhattan’s.  When looking for someone to make cakes and desserts like “mom used to make,” Sindy didn’t have to look far.  Sindy’s sister Lynda, owner of Lynda’s Homemade Desserts, was the logical choice.

At Manhattan's in Carol Stream we offer homemade desserts without preservatives.

From left to right, German Chocolate Cake, Easter Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Boston Cream Cake

Every month, Lynda introduces “Manhattan’s Desserts of the Month.” Her favorite selections may include her famous Carrot Cake, made from real carrots and frothy cream cheese frosting, or her outstanding German Chocolate Cake, triple layered cake with real German chocolate topped with a coconut pecan frosting, or her Chocolate Boston Cream Cake–commonly known as The Éclair Cake–moist yellow cake layered with vanilla whipped cream filling and topped with homemade chocolate frosting.  Like Boston Cream Pie, but ten times better!

Every month, Lynda includes something special to celebrate the season.  During April for Easter, Lynda features the incredibly delicious “Easter Chocolate Cake with Layers of Cheesecake.”  Can it get any more decadent?  To taste is to believe it!  It’s triple layer velvet cake with two layers of cheesecake in between.  Topped with cream cheese frosting, it is a cake that not too many will want to share.

Come to Manhattan’s for dinner…but don’t leave without dessert!  No preservatives.  100% delicious!

Easter Chocolate Cake with Layers of Cheesecake: $5.49
Chocolate Boston Cream Cake (Éclair Cake): $4.69
Carrot Cake: $4.99
German Chocolate Cake: $5.99

Also available Brownie Sundae, $3.59
Ice Cream in Vanilla, Chocolate, PEppermint, Cinnamon or
Rainbow Sherbert.  One scoop: $1.99. Two scoops: $2.45.
Make a it a sundae: $1.00 extra

2 responses to “Homemade Desserts at Manhattan’s in Carol Stream

  1. Great time last night. Music was great!!!

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